What is All-on-4 ?

The All-on-4 is a simple surgical technique, developed in the beginning of the 90´s by Dr. Paulo Malo at MALO CLINIC with the cooperation of Professor Bo Rangert in order to rehabilitate the edentulous maxilla and mandible with maximum aesthetics and function fixed prosthesis.

In this technique 4 implants are strategically placed, 2 vertical in the anterior region of the jaws, which has the highest bone density and also present the highest success rate, and 2 posterior tilted implants benefiting from the type of bone, allowing the fitting of a fixed prosthesis with 12 to 14 teeth immediately in the surgery day.

Furthermore, the use of fewer implants simplifies and speeds up the surgical and prosthetic procedures.

Allows of All-on-4 :

The All-on-4 technique allowed the simplification and protocolization of the edentulous rehabilitation thus resulting in drastic reduction of costs for the patient.

Therefore more people can benefit from this treatment and stop suffering from physical and psychological consequences of not having teeth.

  • 1/ fixtures surgical esthablishment on lower maxillary
  • 2/ provisional bridge esthablishment on Day 1
  • 3/ fixtures surgical esthablishment on upper maxillary
  • 4/ provisional bridge on upper maxillary
  • 5/ unscrewing provisional bridge
  • 6/ screwing final bridge
  • 7/ final bridge in place
  • 8/ screwing final bridge on upper maxillary
  • 9/ final bridge in place
  • 10/ All On 4 concept with zygomatics fixtures