Hyaluroniq Acid

The fillings of the wrinkles of the bottom of the face by injections of hyaluronic acid make it possible to restructure the outline of the lips and the wrinkles which are associated there.
This allows to recover in a natural way (the hyaluronic acid is present in a natural way in the organism) the volume of soft fabrics lost with the passing of the time.


What's dental bleaching?

It is a process which clears up colorings of enamel and dentine by using a solution, the carbamide peroxide.
The product in contact with the teeth for a certain time breaks up the pigments which were formed either with the age, or in a pathological way.

The results are long-lasting. Your teeth will always remain whiter than they were previously.

Some patients will need a periodic recall of one to two meetings, 12 to 18 months after the initial treatment.